Maja Blanca Espesyal

Maja Blanca Espesyal is a Filipino-style coconut pudding made extra delicious with evaporated and condensed milk. Sweet, creamy, and topped with latik, it’s delicious as a snack or dessert.

One of the first recipes I posted here on Kawaling Pinoy is a simple version of maja blanca made of coconut milk, cornstarch, sugar, and toasted coconut. Although it’s creamy and delicious and has satisfied my sweet cravings on many a night, I have to say it pales next to this special maja version which has an added creaminess from condensed and evaporated milk.

If you’re looking for the ultimate dessert, this Filipino-style coconut milk dessert is your answer. With soft bites of luscious pudding generously studded with sweet corn kernels and topped with golden latik, you’ll have guests lining up for more!

The recipe is simple and yields a huge 13 x 9 rectangular pan that is perfect for serving a large crowd. Or to enjoy all by yourself.

Difference from tibok-tibok

Although both are pudding desserts and are usually topped with latik, different ingredients give them distinct flavors and textures. While maja blanca is made of coconut milk and cornstarch, the Kapampangan tibok-tibok is made of carabao milk and rice flour.

Cooking Tips

  • Do not allow the milk mixture to come to a rapid boil lest it curdles or separates.
  • To boost flavor, replace the water used to dissolve the cornstarch with the packing liquid in the canned corn kernels.
  • When preparing the cornstarch slurry, add the cornstarch slowly into the water to make it easier to stir and dissolve.
  • Remove the latik from the heat a shade lighter as it would continue to cook and brown in the residual heat.
  • Allow to cool completely before covering with film as the escaping steam might create water puddles on top of the pudding.
  • How to serve and store?

  • This maja blanca espesyal is delicious as an after-meal dessert or midday snack. Enjoy a slice with latik or toasted coconut topping!
  • Store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
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